Here the Services list available at TAPE IT EASY.
We produce tape cassette for custom business.
Even if you need custom lenght or High professional duplication on ferro and chromo tape, we can do it!
We also produce and sell blank cassette marked with our logo for the audiophile market.

BLANK CASSETTE (starting from 5 pcs)

  • Custom lenght tape cassette
  • Coloured blank tape cassette with custom lenght
  • Ferro and Chromo tape available
  • Clear or coloured box


  • High professional duplication in loop on open reel
  • No extra tape after Audio ends
  • UV printing on tape or box, no limit on colors. Available CMYK printing.
  • Printed labels
  • J-Cards printing on 4/4 starting from 1 to 6 flaps.
  • Shrink wrap

Contact us for more informations and quotation.