Download / Specs


  • Always send graphic material in PDF 300 dpi
  • Always remove the template from the final artwork, we don’t need it on the printing files.
  • Graphic files for UV/Direct print on tape must be vectorial (Es. Illustrator, InkScape. NO Photoshop or Gimp and other non vector graphic software).
    Non vector files should look different from the original.
  • For white printing please provide ALWAYS vector files.
  • Audio files must be divided in 2 different folders, one file each side.
  • Please do not send MP3, WAV are wellcome in any format and bitrate.
  • Please note that we’re not responsible on any sound differences or if the final product should highly differ from what expected.
  • Master must be prepared by professional studio mastering with dedicated tape EQ, if not we’re not responsible on any little saturation or noise.
  • Background noise depends on kind of tape we have in stock, it’s obviously not markable as a production defect. (Who well know tapes, well know what we mean.)
  • Refund or order cancellations are not appliable on order sent and paid or where the specification above are not observed.
  • What written above represents the general conditions of sale, placing an order with us implies having read them and tacitly accepted. 

Here is a list of template to download to create your artwork.
Have you a strange idea? Get in touch with us, and we will realize it!