Recorded Tapes

What to do:

  • Please read the Term&Conditions.
  • Prepare your audio master in .wav format.
  • Make your artwork using our templates.
  • Make an archive with A Side, B Side and artwork folders.
  • Place the order and follow instructions on confirmation email.

You will receive your product in 2/3 weeks it depends on queue.
For any kind of questions, contact us.

  • Select the estimated tape length.
    REMEMBER: Tape length is defined by the double of the longest side.
  • Specify the Catalog Number or the title for your request.
    We need it in order to classify your release.
  • Choose tape color
  • Select what kind of printing service you want.
    Prices are for both sides including different design for A and B side.
    (UV printing includes white ink).
  • Use this text space to add extra information to your order
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Additional information

Weight 0.057 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 2 cm